Woah: NYC Subway Worker Finds Dead Man’s Body On The Train 


Source: Gary Hershorn / Getty

Dead Man’s Body Found On NYC Train

You’re bound to find anything on the New York City MTA, including a dead body apparently. That was the case on Friday morning after an MTA worker on the F train at the 169th Street station in Queens found a 31-year old man’s dead body in the train car.

According to police:

The individual was spotted by an MTA worker at 7:17 a.m. aboard a northbound “F” train at the 169th Street station in Jamaica Hills. [The man] was unconscious and unresponsive with no obvious trauma to his body when he was found.

EMS declared the unidentified man dead at the scene. No word on what his actual cause of death was, as police are still investigating the incident. An autopsy report is currently being conducted.


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