Drake Reportedly Offers Kawhi Leonard a Position in OVO

What’s one of the best ways to keep Kawhi Leonard in Toronto? How about offering him a role in OVO. That’s what was a part of Drake’s pitch to the Raptors superstar as reported by Chris Broussard.

While no one knows where Leonard will go or even when he will make an announcement, Broussard dropped off a firecracker of a tweet during the Fourth of July, stating the Raptors meeting went well and Drake had his hands all over it.

“Kawhi Update: Raptors had strong meeting yesterday,” Broussard said “Drake heavily involved. Talked of having Kawhi involved w/his OVO record label. Kawhi in deep soul searching. Wants Lakers but wants to make sure Big 3 will fit/work. Clippers out. It’s btwn Lakers & Raptors. Very close.”

If that report holds true, sucks for the Clippers. They recruited Kawhi all year long and look to be the odd man out. But again, who really knows? We just have to wait for the Finals MVP to drop off the decision. Until then, the speculation and headlines will continue.

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