[ #JusticeForRohanLevy ] Gang Bust In Brooklyn, 21 Folk Nation Members Charged

The Brooklyn District Attorney, Eric Gonzales’ office just charged twenty-one alleged gang members in several shootings and murders in the borough.

After almost a three-year investigation, the group was indicted for their alleged connection to multiple shootings, some of which left two young men dead and four others injured. One of the two murdered was the brilliant and promising 15-year-old Rohan Levy, who was shot and killed in the middle of the street. Whichever thugs took his life, mistakenly confused him to be another rival gang member. Called “Operation One Nation,” this team uncovered a series of crimes including illegal weapons possession, planned murders and assaults planned by a notorious gang called “Folk Nation.” The young men popped by the DA all ranged from 17 to 41, and East Flatbush and Flatbush sections of Brooklyn.

DA Gonzales stated, “These defendants terrorized the streets of Brooklyn by opening fire on perceived rivals and recklessly firing their guns – including in broad daylight – endangering innocent bystanders.  In one instance, an innocent 15-year-old boy was killed when he was mistaken for a rival gang member.” He continues “Investigations such as this that target the drivers of crime reflect our commitment to fighting gun violence and holding accountable gang members who take part in these senseless shootings. We believe these kinds of cases are a reason why Brooklyn is the only borough where shootings are down this year.”

Here is the facts as they stand right now: 21 people indicted, 19 were arraigned on a 65-count indictment, 19 were charged with second-degree murder, 19 were charged with second-degree attempted murder, conspiracy, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal use of a weapon, and reckless endangerment.

The following are indicted in the investigation:  

  1. Rean Awong, 22, of Flatbush
  2. Lorenzo Bailey, 30, of Flatbush
  3. Shaquille Benjamin, 19, of East Flatbush
  4. Ameth Best, 22, of East New York
  5. Devon Bratton, 26, of East Flatbush
  6. Jabare Brim, 22, of Laurelton,
  7. Zidon Clarke, 20, of Flatbush
  8. Christopher Cooper, 18, of Crown Heights
  9. Sherrod Craig, 19, of Jamaica
  10. Gishanie Gray, 18, of East New York
  11. Tarell Herbert, 25, of East Midwood
  12. Khalil Irving, 18, of East Flatbush
  13. Travis Laroc, 17, of East Flatbush
  14. Omar Peters, 24, of Flatlands, Unapprehended.  
  15. Keemari Porter, 19, of East New York
  16. Khaysean Porter, 21, of Brownsville
  17. Walter Porter, 41, of Elizabeth, New Jersey
  18. Barrington Songue, 26, of Flatlands
  19. Dandre Stanford, 20, of Cambria Heights
  20. Tahir Thomas, 18, of Canarsie
  21. Darren Wilson, 19, of Canarsie

More arrest to come in the near future.

Out of tragedy comes triumph.

Rohan Levy’s mother, Nadine Sylvester Crammer, has founded the Rohan Levy Foundation.  The mission of the Foundation, which is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, is to combat gun violence in Brooklyn communities of color and low socioeconomic status by providing:

  •  gun awareness and educational resources to community youth; and
  • support and resources to families impacted by youth gun violence.

To fulfill it’s mission, the Foundation will partner with local elected officials, school districts, and community-based and national organizations. Even in his death, Rohan with his amazing smile and zeal for life, is making a difference.

For more information and to make a donation, please click here: https://rohanlevyfoundation.org

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