Kanye Credits His Recent Success to a ‘Radical Obedience’ to Christ

Kanye West will grace the cover of the prestigious Forbes magazine for their August 21, 2019 issue.

The business mag pegged the producer-turned-rapper-turned-fashion designer because of his outstanding entrepreneurship, which landed him in their Celebrity 100 List that features the “world’s highest-paid entertainers,” snatching the #3 spot.

Oh… so you didn’t know that ‘Ye has been making that bank? Well peep this: His Yeezy brand expecting to exceed $1.5 billion in sales in 2019, earning him an estimated $150 million in royalties from his deal with adidas just this year alone. Let’s not talk about tour… merchandising… and music…

Other things you will learn is that he listens to Bach when he is in his Lambo and that the floors in his house are so expensive and exotic, that if they get scratched or scuffed, someone will have to come in pick up the floor and fly it to Europe to get fixed.

The refreshing thing that one learns in this article is that Kanye attributes his positive turn around to his faith. Aside from him making church cool through his Sunday Services, he recognizes that his sanity lies in him“being in service to Christ” and  “the radical obedience.”



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