Rihanna’s Harper’s Bazaar Photoshoot Receives Cultural Appropriation Criticisms

On Monday, it was revealed that Rihanna would cover the upcoming August 2019 issue of Harper’s Bazaar China Magazine. In true Riri fashion, the Fenti Beauty founder would slay another magazine cover. Although she would grace another cover, she recently received backlash. She was accused of cultural appropriation for the cover. A number of people took to Twitter to share their thoughts of Rihanna’s newest slay session.

One person compared the Bazaar cover to the backlash Kim Kardashian received for formerly naming her shapewear line, Kimono, after the Japanese attire.

The comparison was not the best example. Kardashian admitted to the lack of thought that went into the decision, although she claimed to have innocent intentions. Instead, she turned the controversy to a learning experience.

Twitter must have been confused about the definition of cultural appropriation. It is defined as the unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of the customs, practices, ideas, etc. of one people or society by members of another and typically more dominant people or society.

Rihanna’s Bazaar shoot was orchestrated by a team of Chinese natives. Harper’s Bazaar Editor-In-Cheif, Simona Sha is of Chinese origin. One would assume that the Editor-In-Cheif has the final say when approving the release of the issue and its photographs. They chose to style Rihanna as they please due to their creative control. There is a need for thorough research to acquire adequate information. In this case, neither was practiced, especially the latter. Check out the rest of the pictures from Rihanna’s shoot below.


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