Usher Requests His Private Medical Records to be Sealed

Usher’s legal troubles will not go away and now he is asking a judge to seal his private medical records.

The Blast details the request to seal the records is a result of the lawsuit that is filed by two women and a man accusing the Confessions star of giving them herpes. Court documents show Usher went to court to attempt to have certain records sealed from the public. He now needs to file exhibits to prevent private information from being disclosed to the public.

The request for sealing information is not limited to Usher, he also wants the records of the woman to not be publicly available.

“There is no gray area that allows for the revelation of some of Jane Doe’s personal information without compromising her privacy rights,” he said in the request. “Any public exposure of her private information could result in significant harm to Jane Doe.”

The presiding judge has yet to deliver a decision.

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