Sheesh: Irv Gotti Quits #GUHH, Says Producers Enticed His Kids To FIGHT Angela Simmons And Other Beef

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Irv Gotti Sets The Record Straight Over Viral Clip, Quits “Growing Up Hip Hop”

There’s a viral clip going around that looks like Irv Gotti and Ja Rule are being turned away from an NYC night club — but Irv blames reality TV producers for the embarrassment, not bouncers. He set the record straight in an interview with Quincey Harris.

50 Cent spread a clip on social media feature Irv and Ja shouting outside of a club while a security guard told them both to calm down. Irv says what 50 is perpetuating is not the truth at all.

“First of all, don’t believe Lucifer…Curtis… the devil is the king of lies. So Lucifer perpetuates lies. He perpetuated that we couldn’t get in SOBs.”

Gotti points blame at the producers and WeTV’s “Growing Up Hip Hop.”

“I haven’t gotten turned away from a club in at least 20 years. So that had nothing to do with it. We were shooting a reality show… we were shooting ‘Growing Up Hip Hop.’ And the producers of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ did a bad thing. That is now… I don’t wanna be on ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ no longer.”

He continued, insinuating that he would no longer be friends with some of the folks he respected on the show for stirring the pot.

“I started off the series of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop… I have great friends… had great friends in Datari Turner, Tara Long, even one of the producers Jennifer Gardner, Kim Osorio… they used to be my good friends. And I explained to them, ‘Yo I’m doing great. I got millions of dollars. I don’t wanna go on the show with my children and y’all perpetuate beef…. made up beef.

Early on in the season, they pitted Angie and started some beef. I immediately checked them and said we’ll stop doing the show. That’s not what my family’s about. I don’t wanna be beefing. I don’t care about a reality show that I need money where I’ll beef so I know that’s ratings.”

YIKES! Hit play to hear it.

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