Belcalis Bites Back: Cardi B Sets The Record Straight Over Allegations That She’s A Rapist After An Old Video Resurfaced

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Cardi B Is Tired Of The Allegations That Stem From Her Old Videos

Cardi B faced some backlash earlier this year after an old video resurfaced, in which she admitted to drugging and robbing men while she was a stripper. At the time, she responded to all of the criticism by stating that she was “not proud” of her actions saying, “I have a past that I can’t change—we all do.”

Now, the controversy surrounding her admission has re-resurfaced (thanks, internet) with people now accusing the rapper of being a rapist. Cardi responded to these most recent claims during her Instagram Live on Friday.

“I don’t like when people be trying to call me a rapist,” she admitted to her fans. “I don’t like that s**t. Because people tried to dig up something and make it something that I didn’t do.”

Though the “Clout” rapper didn’t exactly deny robbed some of her clients back when she was a stripper, she made sure to stress the fact that she never sexually assaulted anyone.

“I never touched nobody, I never f***ed nobody,” she added. “And rape is when you f**k somebody without their consent or without asking.”

As far as the other allegations stemming from the video, Cardi also went on to explain that those are false, too, emphasizing that she never drugged any of the men she met at her former workplace.

“B***hes don’t have to put s**t in n****s’ drinks, these n****s be going to [the] club getting drunk and getting high…I never put s**t in n****s’ drinks. Yeah, I went through n****s’ pockets. A lot of you b****es be going through n****s’ pockets for $40 to catch a cab ’cause a n***a don’t want to give you that. Same s**t. Was I wrong for that? That was wrong, but I never f***in’ hurt nobody.”

So, regarding the plethora of accusations that come from that one now-infamous Instagram video from years ago, it looks like the only thing Cardi concedes to is robbing some of her clients.

In an effort to validate her claims of innocence, the Bronx native stressed that, because of her popularity as a stripper in New York, people would have found out very quickly if she actually had assaulted or drugged anyone.

“If I was to ever harm or put a n***a in a situation, f**k jail, n****s would have cut my face [and] beat my ass,” she said.

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