Pacquiao and Mayweather Exchange Words Online, Tease #MayPac2

After Manny Pacquiao defeated Keith Thurman by Split Decision, many have been pointing out possible foes for his next fight. Who would have guessed Floyd Mayweather’s name would once again pop up as a possibility.

Money Mayweather hit Instagram to shade Pacquiao, but the new champ would not take the hits and not return some.

“I find it real ironic how every time Pacquiao’s name is brought up in the media, my name is always attached to it,” Mayweather shared on Instagram. “This man’s entire legacy and career has been built off its association with my name and it’s about time you all stop using my brand for clout chasing and clickbait and let that man’s name hold weight of its own.”

Pacquiao would respond back wondering who really is attempting to stay relevant:

The retort from Mayweather was swift: “Bottom line, I make more money than you; I beat you, then I signed you! I was only at your fight supervising you, my employee, as any real BOSS would do.”

The two fought in May of 2015 but was stated to be lackluster in quality by the boxing faithful. Who knows if any of it will happen again.

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