New Details From A$AP Rocky’s Sweden Incident May See His Case Make a Turn For the Worse

The now-infamous assault case that currently has A$AP Rocky sitting in a Sweden prison has literally taken on a life of its own, so much so that even President Trump has weighed in with his surprising support of the Harlem rapper. Unfortunately, even Agent Orange may not be powerful enough to get Rocky out of this mess, especially following the Prosecution District of Stockholm’s preliminary investigation being publicly released.

The full 552-page document (seen above) includes pictures, text messages and timestamped surveillance footage — each detail unfortunately making the TESTING emcee look not as innocent as it was once perceived. For example, the video we originally saw posted on Rocky’s Instagram account may have allegedly been doctored and/or “cleaned up a bit” as a text message conversation between his team suggests. The doc also shows various pictures of the victim, Daniel Suneson, with cuts, bruises and gashes that were a result from allegedly being jumped and attacked with glass bottles by Rocky and his team.

Here’s an automated translation from one of the pages that puts the details in order:

“A film shows how Mayers, Rispers, Corniel, Williams and Hercules stand on Olofsgatan together with the plaintiffs Jafari and Hoseini and talk. This movie sequence is the same as the first clip in the video published by TMZ. A movie shows how Mayers with entourage as well as plaintiff stands in the Olofsgatan / Apelbergsgatan intersection and then disappears up Apelbergsgatan in the direction of Sveavägen. It is the same movie that is the last clip in the video that is published on TMZ. A movie shows how Mayers throws Jafari to the ground and how he, along with Rispers and Corniel, hits and kicks Jafari as he lies down. This movie has much better resolution than the video published by TMZ. In this video, you can see that plaintiff Jafari has no visible injuries to his arms when thrown into the ground by Mayers or during the first few seconds of the abuse. (See image attachment damage not occurred). You also see, when the video switches from Khadra filming himself to filming ahead, how Corniel makes some kind of outcome against Jafari who stands on the other side of Mayers. In connection with this outcome, glass crusher is also heard. At the end of this movie you can possibly see what something looks like from Rispers right hand when he charges a blow against Jafari. It is not possible to determine whether or what appears to be sticking up. Rispers looks to beat Jafari a little from below as Williams tries to keep Rispers away. It also looks like he meets Jafari with the medial side of his back (at the thumb / forefinger at the clasped hand). All style images from this movie are added as an image attachment.”

The text message exchanges also allude to the existence of more than one video, which may show an angle of the incident that, again, doesn’t show A$AP Rocky in the best of light.

Scan through the full 552-page preliminary investigation document above or by heading to DocDroid, which can be translated from Swedish to English if you have the time to copy & paste. You can also read the first and second arrest reports. We’re still praying for you regardless, Rocky.

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