Woman Arrested After Threatening Swedish Embassy in Hopes to Free A$AP Rocky

Message to all A$AP Rocky fans, yes the New York rapper is arrested, that does not give you clearance to threaten Swedish government facilities.

26-year-old woman Rebecca Kanter found that out the hard way as she was arrested for allegedly threatening to blow up the Swedish Embassy in Washington D.C. NBC 4 Washington details the woman was arrested for the threat, which is stated to have been said to be a protest of the rapper’s arrest and held abroad.

Secret Service Officer William Ayers states Kanter came to the Swedish building on Monday and threw liquor from a Coca Cola bottle on to the building and issued a threat to blow up the building. If that wasn’t enough, she would then take her gripes to social media.

“Why isn’t it breaking news that I defiled the House of Sweden last night, that I vandalized the World Bank, that I vandalized the IMF,” she wrote online. But still, no one budged, she didn’t get the attention she desired.

Kanter returned to the embassy on Tuesday and made statements about the rapper, while verbally harassing staff members and tour groups. She would go on to damage property. She was asked to leave but did not, eventually resulting in her arrest. Kanter was charged with willfully injuring and damaging property of a foreign government and refusing to depart a foreign embassy. She is currently out on bond and set for a court day on July 31.

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