SOURCE SPORTS: Hawks Point Guard Trae Young Packed On 16 Pounds of Muscle This Offseason

Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young is already preparing for next season. Leading the team to the playoffs is one of his top priorities, and he wants to make sure that he’s prepared to lead the team mentally and physically.

Young is already training hard this summer, and according to The Athletic’s Chris Kirschner, the Rookie of the Year runner-up has already gained around 12-16 pounds.

Per Kirschner, Young has also been working with trainer Alex Bazzell with noticeable results already:

“The two have spent almost a month together already and another two to three weeks already have been planned for in August. As with [trainer Irv Roland], Young’s maturation is the noticeable change Bazzell has seen, plus Bazzell said Young has gained 12 to 16 pounds this offseason. Just based on the eye test, Young’s muscle mass certainly has improved from where he was at the end of the season.”

Last season, Young surprised a lot of people when he started playing really well just before the All-Star break. It took him time to adjust his game to the NBA, but when he did, the Hawks suddenly looked like a team that’s fun to watch.

In 81 games last season, Young averaged 19.1 points and 8.1 assists, and while he wasn’t able to lead the team to the postseason, he definitely showed a lot of promise, and he is ready to accomplish even bigger things next season.

Gaining weight is something that will help young guys like Young in the early years of their NBA career. He will definitely be a stronger player, which means it will be easier for him to penetrate the opposing teams’ defenses and score easier near the basket.

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