Another Man of Color Claims He Was Beat Up For Rocking ‘MAGA’ Hat in NYC

Just in case you thought that Donald Trump’s supporters were only white men with bones to pick with immigrants… you are quickly about to get that myth ripped right on out your mind. More and more, Americans are starting to see chocolate chips pop up in the midst of the milky white support system of the POTUS. Though there is more diversity within the ranks of Trump supporters than one might expect, their alliance with the president comes with a price.

Many are becoming targets of hate crimes… connected to the MAGA Hat.

Like Jahangir Turan.

An art gallery owner in New York, this man of color claims that he was assaulted in Chinatown on Tuesday, July 30th around 6:50 pm for rocking the hat that Kanye West, another brown man, made popular just a few months ago.

According to Fox News, Turan, 35, told police that he was beaten in the back of his head and suffered a fracture in his cheek after being pushed into a scaffolding pole. On the site of the attack, though he called the police, he refused medical attention.

Uh Oh… There seems something off.

When the press was called the next day, he could not keep his story straight. Though the event happened on a Tuesday, reporters had to stop him from repeating that it happened on Monday.

He said that he went to the hospital and that was where he learned that he indeed had fractured his cheek. He said that he didn’t go immediately but decided to go… according to Fox News because the injuries go worse.

While Turan told them that it was teens that attacked him and that the one that flipped his was female, he was not able to provide the police with a detailed description of individuals and the investigation is still open/ ongoing.



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