Wack 100 Gets Into It With YG After Calling Out Fake Gang-Affiliated Rappers

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Wack 100 Argues With YG About His Gang Affiliation

Things are going left over on the West Coast.

An Instagram post on Friday night over on Wack 100’s page ended up starting some serious rap beef. The famous hip-hop manager shared a screenshot of some text where he called out rappers who claim to be about that street life, but are really faking it for the industry.

“One thing I respect is this – Blueface came into this rap game Crip’n,” Wack wrote in his post. “The Game came into it Piru’n – Mozzy came into it Blood’n – some of you n***as was wearing skinny jeans and dancing without a gang slogan coming out ya mouth until you got enough money to buy you a set.”

Wack assisted all of the text in his photo with a caption that reads, “Wish a n***a would say a word I’ll embarrassed the f**k outta n***a playing with me !!!! Enough is enough if it’s on let it be on ….”

While he didn’t name any names in his IG post, YG clearly felt slighted and decided to slide into his comments to let the manager know he got the message loud and clear.

“You shoulda @‘d me big gangsta og piru god father,” the rapper wrote in Wack’s comment section. He added more comments later, including a stream of laughing emojis, calling out Wack’s “Instagram fingers,” and another writing, “don’t beg me to do no more verses either.”

The manager then entered the comment section, responding to YG and writing, “I @ you on your own post little n***a ! You’d a little n***a gone always be a little n***a mr Toot it and Boot it wasn’t a gang sign in the video all SKINNY JEANS ! The words described you that’s why ya responded you knew it was you !!!! SHOE FIT WEAT IT N***A.”

He also left another comment saying, “@yg @DefjamYG was how you came into this s**t ! I think you bigger than the funk ! School Yards saved your ass at that studio wasn’t no Damu’s #BigWy coached you on your first ‘BLOOD’ verse to come out your mouth ! If it was a problem N***a i told @Tyga to take us off and by the way I got the screen shots your team ain’t loyal. You better bick back.”

From Wack’s clarification in the comments about the “Toot It And Boot It” music video, it’s pretty clear that his initial post was indeed a sub at YG–which implies that there were some other issues between them boiling before this.

The rapper just released a collaboration with Blueface and Tyga called “Bop,” a few days ago–and since Wack 100 is Blueface’s manager, his encounters with YG while making the track are probably what led to this apparent feud.

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