Alexis Skyy’s Alleged Cucumber Party Video Is Getting Her AND Reginae DRAGGED…What?

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A post shared by Alexis Skyy (@alexisskyy_) on Aug 3, 2019 at 5:36pm PDT

Alexis Skyy is wasting no time enjoying her newfound limelight after allegedly snatching Trouble away from his bae. For some reason, she was part of a party that celebrates 2019’s most disturbing trend: people performing sex acts on cucumbers. The party got out of hand (PHRASING) pretty quickly as a video surfaced of Alexis allegedly using a cucumber as a cavity search tool on a woman. This caused her to trend while everyone wondered what the hell was going on.

But she wasn’t the only one getting attention. Alleged attendee Reginae Carter caught a ton of flack because she was just on the ‘Gram last week talking about how those cucumber videos were disgusting. Now she’s attending one of those parties? Oh. Twitter was NOT going to let her live that down.

Everyone caught strays! Even Boosie was getting dragged for his expressions while all this was going down.

Take a look at the chaos that ensued all night…

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