The World Mourns Our ‘Beloved’ Toni Morrison

Our beloved Toni Morrison has transitioned at the age of 88.

Few Black writers have articulated the Black experience with the same heart, compassion, honest and intellectual dexterity as Dr. Toni Morrison. Her works unapologetically unpacked the complicated existence of our people in America, while shining light on how transcendent we absolutely are.

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The Nobel Prizer winner, she gave validation to multiple generations through her works “Beloved,” “Song of Solomon,” and “The Bluest Eyes.” Her work as she has often said is for Black people and about Black people, without regard to whiteness. She embodied the boldness of Hip-Hop swagger with her unconventionality and masterful use of words. Her work did not only push boundaries, she erased them… so that our generation would believe that there are none that exist to great for us to rise above them.

Her long-time publisher Alfred A. Knopf announced that Morrison died Monday night at Montefiore Medical Center in New York. Her family acknowledged that she had been ill in an issued a statement distributed through Knopf.

“Toni Morrison passed away peacefully last night surrounded by family and friends,” the family announced. “She was an extremely devoted mother, grandmother, and aunt who reveled in being with her family and friends. The consummate writer who treasured the written word, whether her own, her students or others, she read voraciously and was most at home when writing.”

Fans can learn and remember through the acclaimed 2019 documentary, “Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am.”

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