Joe Budden, Ebro And Every Rapper Who’s Ever Rapped Is Getting DRAGGED Thanks To This Cracked Out List Of Best MCs

Rap is all about debating. It’s one of the most prevailing aspects of the genre. Who has classics? Who is the GOAT? Etc., etc. That aspect of music went into overdrive when two bugged out rap lists hit the internet. One above had a list of the 50 best rappers of all time and it was full of weird a$$ selections. Joe Budden at NUMBER THREE?! It’s crack, right? That’s what it is, huh?

That caused Ebro to chime in for some damn reason. He had his own list that wasn’t much better.

Hey kids, remember that he basically runs a radio station? Okay. Anyway, his list got dragged just as bad as the first one. Also, a lot of these rappers caught a ton of stray bullets simply for being where they were on the lists. Damn, cold world.

Take a look at the chaos.

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