21 Savage Partners with Tequila Avión to Promote Infusing Your Life with Vibrant Experiences

21 Savage is partnering with Tequila Avión for the Depart. Elevate. Arrive. initiative that celebrates the brand’s heritage and passion for aviation with a new look for the brand.

Avión will highlight individuals who have created their own paths with a borderless mindset and the want to be involved in new and different experiences for a vibrant life. For 21 Savage, the connection was the ambition for the sky and the mindset, rooted in the want to be a pilot.

“I grew up wanting to fly and pursued my pilot’s license as soon as I was able. When I’m in the air flying, there’s nothing like it. No traffic, no borders,” 21 Savage sad. “With a borderless mindset, I’m able to bring everything I’ve seen, a worldly point of view, into my creative process. Into my art. It brings my art to an elevated space and that’s the heart of this partnership. Elevating creativity through being borderless.”

“21 Savage has been the perfect partner to bring forth our vision and showcase the new world of Tequila Avión. I am incredibly proud to unveil this fresh new direction throughout the campaign,” says Marnie Corrigan, Brand Engagement Director, Tequila Avión. Casey McGrath, CCO, Night After Night, Avión strategic and creative agency added, “The language we use is ‘from up here’. The brand is made from agave grown at the highest elevations, giving us a different vantage point. A positive view of the world and its potential. We’re partnering with both bold visual artists and musicians like 21 Savage that are elevating culture while encouraging everyone to embrace a borderless mindset.”

The initial campaign visual brings 21 Savage inside the Tabernacle music venue in Atlanta, which recently served as the host location of three sold-out shows for the “A Lot” rapper.

Check out the visual above and be sure to be bold and depart the norm to explore more through experiences for your own life.

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