You Buy It? Jeffrey Epstein’s Autopsy Confirms Death By Hanging, Not Hollyweird Homicide

Jeffrey Epstein

Source: Rick Friedman / Getty

Jeffrey Epstein’s Autopsy Confirms Suicide

Despite all the controversy and conspiracy talk surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s sudden death, the autopsy report is in and the conclusion is pretty concrete.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, New York City Medical Examiner’s office states that Epstein died of strangulation from hanging himself. It is suicide, not a homicide.

Prior to the autopsy going public, reports of broken bones in Epstein’s neck lead many to believe that foul play was afoot.

That said, we are pretty sure that people would rather believe that Epstein was murdered via some clandestine conspiracy involving the Clintons or someone else.


What do you think? Does the autopsy change your opinion on ol’ Jeffy boy’s death?

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