Who Really Is Thanos? How Tay Roc Snatches The Glove From The Old Head Cassidy

When Cassidy lost to Goodz (clearly), he went on a rampage… working hard to convince the rest of the Hip-Hop community that his perfect battle record remained unchallenged.

He tried it.

And he tried it in the most incredible way. He produced a song called “5002-0,” basically blasting Goodz and the battle rap community for not rocking with his latest performance. While a flicker of the old Cassidy was sprinkled in between each verse and speckled throughout each stanza, the song simply did not erase how horribly he performed during the Resolution card.

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The song is classic. Bars are back… but… He did not prove that he was Thanos… Who did? Tay Roc on his new single.

This sounds odd.

Didn’t Cassidy and Tay Roc do a song together?

Aren’t they cool?

Well they were… Up until Cassidy decided that he wanted to beef with Tay Roc’s real partner, Tsu Surf. Cass got in his feelings after the Newark rapper criticized the young boawh for claiming he had spit the best rhymes than anyone in the battle world  had ever heard.

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It was there that Tay Roc drew the line. The Cave Gang Capo made it clear, he “never goes against” his brother.

Well a few months later…  after arguably defeating one of his idols (Loaded Lux) on last week’s Summer Impact, he has stepped to the mic to show him that not only am I siding with Surf, but I am snatching that unwarranted “Thanos” moniker for himself with his new song.

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Does it make sense? It kinda does. Tay Roc and his crew of lyrical assassins has been on a killing spree all 2019. The momentum has pushed him to the head of everyone’s conversation… yet again… and he perhaps he is ready to throw stones at the Philly titan. Why? Hasn’t there been evidence that The Source believes that Cassidy lost to Goodz? Yes, there has been. But as Roc has mentioned before… there is an advantage to battling Cass… you get them looks and this is all a numbers game.

Tay Roc and a Cassidy battle would be bonkers. The hype alone is something that the battle rap world would love to see. However, it seems that the Face of URL may have to wait… Rumors have it that Arsonal and Cassidy are up next.

Until then… peep the visuals of Tay Roc’s new joint.





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