#BasketballWives: Jackie Christie Trying To Destroy Malaysia Has DESTROYED Twitter; Evelyn Somehow Still Getting DRAGGED

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Source: VH1 / VH1

Basketball Wives Fight Destroys Twitter

Jackie Christie is one of the most iconic reality stars of all time. That’s beyond a fact. She’s also known to crack a skull or two. She looked like she was bound to do just that on Wednesday night’s episode of Basketball Wives. She came ready to destroy Malaysia and everyone else in attendance. While that bit of potential fisticuffs is usually enough to get Twitter burned to ash, adding in a dash of Evelyn only sets things off even more.

While Twitter was rooting for Jackie in the fight, they were dragging Evelyn because she seems to be the person who was instigating the situation, gassing Malaysia up to come for Jackie. So you know what happens when Evelyn gets involved? EVERYone comes to bust her a$$ online.

It was pure chaos on the e-streets as only Basketball Wives knows how to provide. So take a look at the fight, the brutality and the e-beat down of Evelyn.

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