#BossipMukbang: Are The Snacks Or Kennie’s Tears Saltier After Her BF Was Caught Texting Her Bestie?

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#BossipMukbang: First Fights

We’re back with another storytime video over deliciously salty and sweet snacks. As you know BOSSIP’s Mukbang series is infused with messy stories all mashed up with delicious food. Mukbangs are all over the internet. Folks sit at a table, in front of a camera, and eat the biggest, most over-the-top, messy, juicy, delicious foods you can imagine and share stories. So you kind of get the idea, right? This season,  we are focused on relationship anecdotes from relatable folks over juicy meals.

In this episode, Kennie reminisces to Jasmine on school days and food fights with a meal straight outta your 1998 Ninja Turtle Lunch box. Kennie tells her girl how she almost lost her sh*t after seeing her ex-bestie’s name pop up on her college boyfriend’s phone screen. SMH.

As the ladies chow down and Kennie tells her ‘first fight’ story, we snuck a rocky surprise inside of their meal. Hopefully, the crackling surprise in their food helps Kennie and Jasmine realize that first fights can rock the boat, but they don’t have to sink your relationship.

Scroll up and hit play to hear how Kennie navigated her first fight with her college boyfriend after he was caught texting her bestie!

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