Angela Valdez Was Alive In The Premiere Episode of Season 6 of ‘Power’

So you felt duped, huh?

We all did. We saw Angela get popped during last year’s cliffhanging episode. We even got word from Courtney Kemp after the episode via Instagram that Ghost’s love was not “dead.” But when we tuned in for the opening 20 minutes of the hit show, we saw what seemed to be very different story. Angela looks dead as a door knob.

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Peep what she said just last year:

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Stop the debates. #tunein #season6 #powertv

A post shared by Courtney Kemp (@courtneyakemp) on Sep 10, 2018 at 9:03pm PDT

Well, here is the rub.

Courtney believes that she wasn’t leading her fans on when she made the posts. “I was honest with you.” She told TVLine.

She did that by carefully saying a few things that seemed to let her off the hook. One thing she said was… get this… “I can say Lela is in Season 6, but I can’t say what she’s doing.” And so she was… for a couple of minutes in the beginning of the season premiere.  We see Angela in the ambulance, and then we see her at the hospital. Ghost is there too. There is a fury of doctors around her then they wheel her into emergency surgery to remove the bullet that Tommy shot into from her chest. And then… no pun intended… she gives up the “ghost” and dies.

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So there you have it… there will be no Kanan Starks moments.  She will not be coming back (except for a few flashbacks).

Now, let’s see if Ghost loses his mind because she is gone.


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