Aw HELL Naw, Ho! White News Anchor “Jokes” That Her Black Co-Host Looks Like Gorilla, Cries And Apologizes [Video]

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Oklahoma City News Anchor Compares Black Co-Host To Gorilla

Anyone can make an honest mistake, but some things are so obviously wrong that there’s really no excuse.

Enter white-as-hell Alex Housden, a news anchor at Oklahoma City’s KOCO-TV who compared her Black co-host, Black-as-hell Jason Hackett, to a gorilla who they were doing a segment about.

According to NYDailyNews, here’s the exchange:

“Definitely ready for his close up,” said host Jason Hackett.

“Kind of looks like you,” joked Housden.

According to The Kansas City Star, Hackett responded “He kind of does actually, yeah,” as the scene ended.

First and foremost, Becky with the insensitive quips needs to watch her mouth, but this brotha…”he kind of does actually”? REALLY??? Grow some balls and a spine, Black man. SMH.

The negative responses from angry viewers was so intense that Alex and Jason had to have a lil’ moment the next morning…

That’s cool and all, but Jason didn’t seem that hurt when Alex said that s#!t the day prior.

Would you have forgiven her?

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