I Need A…: Twitter Is Using Cassie’s Engagement To Once Again CLOWN Diddy For Not Putting A Ring On It

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A post shared by Casandra (@cassie) on Aug 27, 2019 at 9:11am PDT

Cassie’s Engagement Gets Diddy Dissed

Cassie is really out here living her absolute finest life imaginable and it’s beautiful to see. Over the course of just one year, she found a man, got pregnant with that man and got engaged. This came after spending damn near all her 20s on the arm of one Diddy who seemed to show no interest in actually putting a ring on her finger.

So now that Cassie has gone on to a whole entire family, Twitter is ready to clown the hell out of Diddy and using Cassie’s lockdown summer as another reason to drag his a$$.

Take a look…

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