Richard Pryor Jr. Speaks: Late Legend’s Son Alleges That Paul Mooney DID Rape Him As A Teen

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Richrd Pryor Jr. Alleges Paul Mooney Sexually Assaulted Him As A Teen

Earlier this week, Rashon Kahn, a man who said he worked as Richard Pryor’s security for years, made an explosive allegation that Paul Mooney sexually assaulted Richard Pryor Jr. Kahn says the incident allegedly lead to Pryor putting out a hit on Mooney. Now the son of the late great legend is corroborating the same story.

TMZ actually caught RP Jr. in person and he addressed the Paul Mooney allegations. Shout out to Madame Noire for the transcript of the impromptu interview.

TMZ: Is there any truth that you and Paul Mooney had a sexual relationship with Paul Mooney?

Richard Pryor Jr.: Well whatever happened in my life, it happened when I was young. way before the eighties.

TMZ: Was it a consensual relationship?

RPJ: How could any relationship be consensual if I was a teenager? No.

TMZ: Paul Mooney’s denied the claims. Do you have anything you want to say to him?

RPJ: I really have nothing to say about the situation.

TMZ: Were you aware of the alleged hit your father put out on Paul Mooney?

RPJ: Uh…no. I’m done. Thank you.

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What do YOU think of these allegations now that RP Jr. has confirmed them?

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