Eye-Roll Emoji: Jay Z Gets Clobbered Over Sketchy Comments On Single Parent Households & Police

Jay Z Addresses Broken Households & Police, Sparks Chaos

We don’t have enough time to unpack everything Jay Z said in a resurfaced clip from a social justice panel with Van Jones, Patriots owner Bob Kraft and others but it’s currently dividing the whole entire internet.

Hov basically said growing up in a single parent household can cause people to have an “adverse feeling toward authority” which causes them to tell police “f*ck you” resulting in interactions that “cause people to lose lives.”

Now, to be fair, this can easily be taken out of complex, twisted and misquoted but he does clump police killings with fatherless Black youths without condemning the trigger-happy cops who perpetuate the broken system which, naturally, sparked outrage across Twitter.

Peep the Twitter chitter-chatter over Hov’s latest controversial comments on the flip.

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