Family Of Unarmed Immigrant Killed By Police Say He Didn’t Speak English, Files Lawsuit

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Li Xi Wang’s Family Files Lawsuit Against Chino Police

The family of an unarmed man killed by police in Chino, California is taking action. Li Xi Wang’s family has filed a claim for damages against the police department after they saw he was unlawfully killed by authorities.

CNN reports that the 49-year-old was shot dead July 3 while police served a search warrant in connection to an investigation of an illegal drug cultivation and trafficking operation.

His family alleges that Wang, a Chinese immigrant who worked as a contractor and at a restaurant, did not speak any English and couldn’t have understood police demands and police “never established any form of effective communication” with anyone in the house.

Authorities say they seized nearly 1,500 marijuana plants, $35,000 in cash and found evidence of grand theft in excess of $105,000, but no weapons.

“He’s a single father, helping his son, he has an aging mom in China, and he did everything he can as a father, as a son, to take care of the family,” attorney Daniel Deng said in a news conference Wednesday according to CNN.

He also pointed out that Wang took a job to cultivate marijuana after it was legalized.

“He’s not a drug dealer, he’s not a smuggler. He’s just a simple worker trying to make a living by taking care of marijuana,” Deng said.

Marijuana growers cannot possess and cultivate more than six living cannabis plants according to California law. Still despite that, shouldn’t police have much more important things to do than “marijuana raids”???

No word yet on how much Li Xi Wang’s family is suing for.

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