#BossipMukbang: When An Atlanta Finesser Gets GPS Tracked By His Ex On The 1st Date…

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Bossip’s Mukbang: Meeting The Ex – Episode 10

Welcome back! We’ve returned with another episode of #BOSSIPMukbang and this one might leave you choked up, like one of our storytellers.

As a refresher, this original series is all about bringing you episodes infused with messy dating stories all mashed up with deliciously (messy) food. We all know that the best stories from your life and relationship are shared over a good meal, so we fused those things together. From the first date experience, all the way to marriage we got some victims guests to spill EVERYTHING—and sometimes their food.

In today’s episode, Jessica (@SuperStarFlawless) dishes to Jasmine (@IamTheBeardedLadii) about meeting a slick-tongue man in the meat section at the grocery store. Turns out, Jasmine’s new prospect of full of baggage. She finds that out fast after someone from his past (pr present?) pops in on their first date. SMH.

What would YOU do in this situation? Scroll up and play the video to hear this mess of a dating story.

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