Now That’s Racist: Photographer Called Cops On Black Mom With Adopted White Baby In The Midst Of Taking Family Portrait

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Mother Of Adopted White Baby Details Racist Experiences

A 36-year-old mother named Keia Jones-Baldwin did an interview with Today Parents to talk about life after adopting a baby who happens to be white, and she says white people have called the cops on her on two separate occasions already!

The little boy, Princeton, is only two-years-old and has been with her ever since he was strong enough to leave the NCIU. Jones-Baldwin, who is a licensed therapist in North Carolina, says he was born prematurely to a drug-addicted mother in July 2017, the baby weighed just 1 pound. She says, ever since she’s had the child, her family treats him with unconditional love but when she’s outside, white people assume he’s in “danger.”

“We get a lot of stares,” Jones-Baldwin said. “I’m frequently asked if I’m Princeton’s babysitter. … I get, ‘Why didn’t you let him stay with a family of his own race?’”

She’s even had the police called on her twice.

“We were vacationing in Tennessee and we went to do an old time, Western photo shoot,” Jones-Baldwin told TODAY Parents. “The girl behind the camera would disappear and then come back. Finally she asked, ‘Is that your baby?’ I told her he was. Then she said, ‘I just took picture of this baby with his family two weeks ago.’”

Authorities arrived minutes later. Jones-Baldwin had to produce a letter showing that the baby was in her custody and she had permission to travel with him.

Last month, Jones-Baldwin pulled over outside a man’s house because she had a flat tire. “I knocked on his door to explain why I was on his grass,” she said. “He called the police and said I stole my car and the baby.”

Wow. Are YOU shocked by any of this at all?

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