Rumor Control: Paul Mooney’s Sons Daryl and Dwayne Push Back Against Richard Pryor Jr’s Sex Abuse Allegations [Video]

Darryl and Dwayne Mooney Portrait

Source: Michael Ochs Archives / Getty

Paul Mooney’s Sons Talk Richard Pryor Jr. Sex Abuse Accusation

Paul Mooney‘s son’s, Darryl and Dwayne, are refuting allegations made about their father by Richard Pryor’s former security.

The twins chopped it up with Comedy Hype and pushed back against Richard Pryor Sr’s former bodyguard Rashon Kahn claims that Paul was having sex with Jr.

Richard Pryor Jr. has never explicitly said Paul Mooney’s name, but if he does, the boys say they’ll deal with the accusation accordingly.

Press play to hear it from the horses’ mouth.


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