#LHHH: Apryl And Fizz Are GETTING DRAGGED Across Twitter For Their Dirty Dog Relationship And Excuses

Apryl and Fizz

Source: VH1 / VH1

Apryl And Fizz’s Relationship Drama

We all saw the IG posts. We all saw the drama unfold in real time. We all saw the pics of Apryl and Fizz coupled up under bed sheets, destroying the internet. That’s why it’s so funny to watch Monday night’s Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood episode to see the two of them try to deny that they were grinding each other’s cakes to pop-locked particles.

The internet seemed mostly fed up with them, too, as nobody believed their relationship was strictly platonic in any way. Apryl also went on a pretty dramatic rant about how she was scorned by Omarion and this was getting him back for slighting her and…putting their son on stage? Word? Man, Twitter is done with the charade and dragged both of them to the pits of hell.

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