Beyoncé Releases Images Paying Homage to Icon Lisa Bonet

Beyoncé is the gift that keeps on giving! Queen Bey took to her Beyoncé website to share 60 never before seen photos of her from last year. Some of the pictures posted included moments from Blue Ivy’s birthday party last year, Michelle Obama’s book tour and, of course, Rumi and Sir.

One photo in particular that is receiving much deserved praise is the photo of Bey paying homage to the fashion icon and actress Lisa Bonet last year for Halloween. Queen Bey did not miss her mark. Everything was similar to the original photo, all the way down to dressing her twins in the same outfit Bonet had her daughter Zoe Kravitz dressed in. Kravtiz saw the photo and reacted the way we would be asking an important question, “I can’t, isBeyoncé also my mom now or?” She then doubled down on her question, “seriously, Beyoncé?”

Last year, Beyoncé paid homage to Toni Braxton by recreating her debut album cover. Another yearBeyoncé, Blue and her mother Tina Knowles-Lawson dressed as the iconic group Salt N Peppa. We definitely cant wait to see what she has up for sleeve for this year.

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