You Can’t Be Serious: Police Investigate South Korean Doctor Who Performed Abortion On Wrong Woman By Mistake

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South Korean Doctor Performs Abortion On Wrong Patient

Let’s be crystal clear from the gate, if we were this woman, there would be VIOLENCE!

According to CNN, a doctor in South Korea is being investigated by police after he accidentally performed an abortion on the wrong woman.

On August 7, a pregnant patient with a 6-week-old fetus had gone to a clinic in district of Gangseo, in the country’s capital Seoul, according to the Gangseo police. At the clinic, a mix-up in medical charts and failure to check her identity led to the mistaken abortion.

South Korean news platform YonHap reported that the victim came to the clinic to receive a nutrition shot and the nurse injected her with anesthesia without confirming her identity. The doctor then performed the abortion, also without confirming her identity. The patient had no idea what was happening until it was over.

Abortion was just made legal in South Korea and all laws must be revised by December 31, 2020 according to CNN, but as of now, the procedure is illegal and is punishable by 1 year in prison.

Violence. On God.

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