Headline Heat: Karlie Redd Talks New Sex Toy, Splitting From Her Fiance & More

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Karlie Redd On Headline Heat

Say what you want about Karlie Redd, but she’s always been an open book and a low-key hustler. The reality star and actress has been doing her thing on Bounce TV’s Saints & Sinner and Last Call, but most of us know her as the hilariously messy friend on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Karlie has made headlines this year for everything from allegedly having a threesome with castmate Pooh Hicks, to getting engaged, then breaking it off shortly after.
Luckily, she recently stopped by to clear up some of those rumors and address the crazy headlines BOSSIP has written about her. Karlie also dished on her new sex toy which is a mold of her lady parts. Whew, chile! Catch more Karlie Redd when Last Call and Saints & Sinners return to Bounce TV.
Check out the full video above to see what else had to say.

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