This Is Crazy: 11-Year Old Steals Brother’s Car, Drives 200 Miles To Live With Man He Met On Snapchat

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South Carolina Kid Steals Car To Meet Man He Met On Snapchat

An 11-year old boy from South Carolina was reunited with his family on Monday after he reportedly drove alone almost 200 miles from Simpsonville to Charleston to live with a strange man he met via Snapchat. Reports say that Officer Christopher Braun encountered the boy at about 12:30 a.m. Monday morning after noticing he was the only person in the vehicle.


The boy had stolen his brother’s car and driven the three hours to live with an unknown male. According to CPD, the boy used his father’s tablet GPS function to navigate the trip, but lost the signal upon arriving in Charleston, and didn’t know where to go. ABC News reports:

After getting the boy’s name and his father’s name, Braun contacted the father, who was in the process of reporting his child missing, and told him what happened. The father and his other son drove to Charleston from Simpsonville to pick up his 11-year-old son and the older son’s vehicle.

Fortunately, the unidentified juvenile was safely reunited with his family, and is in good health. The South Carolina Attorney General’s office is investigating the incident, along with Charleston Police. Parents, stay woke.

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