‘You Need To Learn How To Jump, Boo’ Georgia Woman Goes Viral For Freeing Dotish Doe TWICE [Video]


Source: KenCanning / Getty

Georgia Woman Frees Deer

A video of a Georgia woman freeing a deer stuck in a fence has gone viral. Chloe Dorsey was working out at Stone Mountain Park when she saw a small deer stuck between two rails of a fence.

She promptly freed the animal and thought everything was fine—-until she noticed the doe was stuck AGAIN.

That’s when she made some hilarious quips, telling the deer “You got stuck again? Oh hell nah!” and “You need to learn how to jump, boo!”

Chloe says she’s going by “Save a Doe, Chlo” now and both videos of her deer rescue have racked up a total of over 50,000 views.

See the second video of “Save A Doe, Chlo” below.

Nice work Chloe!

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