Bubbling Jar Of Mayo Threatens To “Murder All Ni**ers”, Outed As ‘Medium’ Wardrobe Staffer

Jars of Ramia mayonnaise seen on a shelf at a store...

Source: SOPA Images / Getty

White Woman Screams N-Word And Threatens To Murder Black People

We spoke earlier about white people losing their minds when they hear people speaking Spanish, but the sight of Black skin is just as triggering.

The Becky in the video below spazzed THEE f**k out inside what appears to be a California drug store.

Upon her outing, Twitter immediately set up shop in Medium star Patricia Arquette’s mentions until she made clear whether or not she was familiar with his crazy broad.

Arquette, known for speaking out against injustice, misogyny, inequality, and all things oppressive, wasn’t about to be known as the friend of a racist soup cookie.

Twitter did their thing. Hopefully, the folks who run Medium and the police will do theirs. This heffa just threatened bloody genocide.

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