New Music: Ceraadi Drops New Playful Visual For Single ‘Dumbstruck’


Source: Courtesy RocNation / Courtesy RocNation

Ceraadi Drops New Playful Visual For Single ‘Dumbstruck’



Glued together by shared harmonies, Ceraadi not only complement each other in terms of fashion, fire, and ferocity, but they also finish each other’s thoughts musically. Saiyr raps with tenacity and wordplay, while Emaza hits us with the soul and spirit. Together, these two sides form one dynamic and distinct whole.


Ceraadi, Roc Nation’s sister duo taking over the streaming charts, take it back to sleepovers with friends and crushing over girlfriends and boyfriends in new video for ‘Dumbstruck’. The single, which was featured on their debut project Ceraadi’s Playlist, quickly grasped the hearts of their loyal fans. Check iy out above and let us know what you think1


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