A Little Perspective: Here’s Why Brittany Renner’s Awkward Interview With Megan Thee Stallion Has Twitter In Shambles

Megan Thee Stallion Brittany Renner

Source: Getty / Getty

Brittany Renner’s Awkward Megan Thee Stallion Interview

Megan Thee Stallion was at Rolling Loud this weekend getting ready to put on one of her epic twerked out performances. As she was approaching the stage, she was met by makeshift journalist and interviewer Brittany Renner.

The two in the same frame made people realize two things:

1. Meg really IS a damn Stallion, towering over Brittany to the point they don’t even look like they belong in the same pic.

2. Also, Brittany was all comfy cozy with Meg calling her all sorts of B**** and doing a bit of code switching and that rubbed some people the wrong way.

This all led to jokes, debate and Twitter doing what Twitter does. Take a look at the chaos…

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