Points Were Made: Teacher Suspended For Saying The Confederate Flag Is A Sign ‘That You Intend To Marry Your Sister’

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Teacher Suspended For Disparaging Comments About The Confederate Flag

A secondary school teacher in Georgia was suspended for referring to the confederate flag as a sign that an individual plans to marry their own sister.

I meaaaaaan…..some points were made.

The Richmond County School System ended up launching an investigation after said teacher put a photo of the confederate flag on their board with a message that stated: “A sticker you put on the back of your pickup truck to announce that you intend to marry your sister. Think of it like a white trash ‘Save the Date’ card.”

One of their students at Hephzibah High School ended up being upset by the message, so she told her mother about the whole thing. The student’s mother, Melissa Fuller, voiced her anger about the matter in a post on Facebook, which is where it was widely circulated and prompted discussion from other parents at the school along with local residents.

“A lot of [the discussion] is that it’s not morally correct. It’s unethical. It’s just something you don’t want to discuss today in today’s world and especially inside of a classroom,” the mother told WRDW-TV. Fuller added that her daughter had been suspended after wearing a belt that features a Confederate flag buckle to school after being asked to remove the belt. “If she can’t wear that belt buckle, then why is it appropriate to make an assignment out of it?” she asked. 

Now, the teacher in question has been placed on administrative leave, according to the Augusta Chronicle.

The school district told the outlet, “The Richmond County School System is committed to creating a diverse, equitable learning environment for all students. The language used in the example was unacceptable and has no place in our classrooms.”

While some insist that the Confederate flag–first used during the American Civil War– simply serves as a major source for  Southern pride, it’s extremely offensive to many who argue that the symbol is synonymous with white supremacy, bigotry, slavery, racism, etc. Now, the flag is regularly used by neo-nazis throughout the United States.

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