Not So Fast: NYPD Demands Rolling Loud Pull Several Artist Off Lineup Ahead Of Weekend Festival

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NYPD Demands Rolling Loud Pull Several Artist Off Lineup Ahead Of Weekend Festival

Since it came onto the scene, Rolling Loud has quickly taken over as hip-hop’s premier festival. Headliners have ranged from Travis Scott and J Cole to Cardi B, Kid Cudi and Future. After having success in Miami, the Bay Area, and Los Angeles, the Rolling Loud crew decided to expand its festival to New York City. The new addition was announced at the top of the year and its line up was released a few months back.

Fast forward to this weekend, the first annual New York City Rolling Loud stage is set–but the NYPD says not so fast.

In a letter sent to Rolling Loud, Assistant Police Chief Martin Morales requested the festival pull several of their performers due to safety issues. The list of required removals includes NYC’s rookie of the year PopSmoke, Casanova, Sheff G, Don Q, and 22GZ. They even included their government names so there isn’t any confusion as to who needs to leave.

Over the years, NYC has been notorious for having what the music industry calls the “Hip-Hop Police,” a dedicated unit that just watches rappers and their social media to harass them once they touch down in the Big Apple. This weekend, the reason for the demands from the police department are cited as a concern for safety, as the acts listed reportedly have a “history of violence”. Many cite the hip-hop police for Meek Mill’s former incident and arrest, which went down when he was driving a dirt bike in the city. After successfully taking down the Nine Trey Bloods, we wouldn’t put it past the NYPD to go for its victory lap over at Rolling Loud.

Stay safe folks!

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