4 Products That Will Change the Way You Travel

You may pride yourself on being an expert packer, but we all know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, so you want to make sure that your bag is jam-packed with travel essentials. When you head to different destinations, do you really have everything you need to make sure your journey is as comfortable as possible?

If you’re gearing up for a trip, make sure that you have all these things within arm’s reach:

Memory Foam Hooded Pillow ($29.99 Value)

Even if you’re the type of person who can fall asleep anywhere, actually getting a restful shuteye while you’re traveling is a whole other challenge. This pillow can at least make it easier, thanks to its high-quality visco-elastic memory foam that contours to your neck and built-in hood with adjustable drawstrings that you can use to close off from the world as you catch your Zzz’s. Usually $29.99, you can get it on sale for $17.99.


Memory Foam Hooded Pillow – $17.99

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Tech Accessory Travel Bag ($24.99 Value)

Never misplace your charger again with this travel bag that keeps all your tech accessories in place. It features 12 elastic loops that can hold things like cables and pens, six small mesh pouches for USB drives, sim cards, and TF cards, and a bigger mesh pouch for a portable charger, smartphone, passport, earbuds, and other small items. It’s RFID-blocking, too, so you can keep your belongings safe from thieves. It usually goes for $24.99, but it’s now on sale for $13.99.


Tech Accessory Travel Bag – $13.99

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TripWipes Anti-Bacterial Wipes: 3-Month Supply ($47 Value)

When you’re traveling, you’re bound to be exposed to all kinds of germs and bacteria as you hop from one public space to another. Make sure to carry a pack of TripWipes in order to stay clean and germ-free. These non-toxic, citrus-scented wipes are capable of not only killing germs, but also softening your hands. With a pack in tow, you can easily maintain good hygiene and freshness while on the go. Get a 90-pack today for only $42.


TripWipes Anti-Bacterial Wipes: 3-Month Supply (90-Pack) – $42

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Geek Supply Universal Travel Charger ($40 Value)

Keep all your tech juiced up with this universal travel charger. Aside from having the capability to charge three devices at the same time, it’s also equipped with a slew of safety features like overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit protection. Plus, it adopts the AC100-240V wide voltage design to meet the difference in voltage between countries. Right now, you can snag it on sale for $19.99.


Geek Supply Universal Travel Charger – $19.99

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