Justin Bieber Remixes 50 Cent’s Many Men

Pop star Justin Bieber released some new music and it isn’t what you would expect to hear from The Beibz. Beiber shared a video to his Instagram story of his remix to 50 Cent’s “Many Men.”

He begins by admitting that in the past he has made mistakes but now he is living his best life as a happy and healthy married man.

“Took a couple years off. Shed a couple of tears, dawg. Messed up here and there.No fear here dawg.”Got a wife, livin’ life, livin’ right, yeah, it’s tight. Gluten-free, look at me. Who would’ve thought I’d be nice. When I rap I will slap on the beat. I attack with the heat.No strap, I defeat, no cap.”

He then continues by saying that he admires his wife.

“My style is impeccable. My wife, yeah, I put her on a pedestal,” and then he says, “My life is like a movie, The Incredibles.”

He also discussed his battle with being addicted to Xanax but with his strong faith and determination, he is better.

“They put me on some medicine. I never thought that my depression would depend on it. I resented it…”

“Going hard, running on adrenaline. Been a victim of the system, I’m a Christian with a vision, I’m a gentleman.”

What are your thoughts on The Beibz take on “Many Men?” Here are 50’s.


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