Gillie the King Reveals His Top 5 Rap Groups of All Time… What Philly Group Makes His List?

Gillie the King is the King of Philadelphia.

According to those who are in the know in The City of Brotherly Love…  few things musically go through the city without him knowing. When Smack White decided to bring his Ultimate Rap League to Philly, Gillie was front and center to watch Cassidy go up against Arsonal (and then he left before the battle was over).  Needless to say, his opinion is respected.

So on one of the most recent episodes of his podcast, Million Dollaz Worth of Game with his cousin, Wallo and producer Dev, he listed is Top 5 Rap Groups of all time. What makes the entire exchange hilarious is to see how the trio struggles with coming up with just 5 groups for the list.

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The first inkling that no one was coming to full agreement, was when Wallo protested on the three hosts having a combined list (with good reason). Check out the following lists (and those who were knocked off the list).

Gillie the King

First List

  1. Mobb Deep
  2. NWA
  3. Bone Thugs N Harmony
  4. Migos
  5. EPMD

Then Gillie adds that he forgot about RUN DMC and takes WuTang Clan from Dev.

Second List

  1. NWA
  2. RUN DMC
  3. Bone Thugs N Harmony
  4. Wu-Tang Clan

Third List

  1. NWA
  2. Wu-Tang Clan
  3. Mobb Deep
  4. Bone Thugs N Harmony
  5. Major Figgas


  1. Public Enemy
  2. NWA
  3. Wu-Tang Clan
  4. RUN DMC
  5. Mobb Deep

Dev Nasty

  1. Mobb Deep
  2. Wu-Tang Clan
  3. Fugees
  4. NWA
  5. RUN-DMC

The first argument was over Public Enemy, whereas Gillie called them “vigilantes” and says that his cousin walked around with a big red clock like Flavor Flav. They also mention OutKast and Migos. After a certain point, the idea of Top 5 went out of the window. The three proved one point: It is impossible to do a top anything with so many amazing lyricists- 40 years into Hip-Hop.

Another funny point, but actually important to note. The Roots did not make Gillie’s list. He mentioned that the Hip-Hop band has never invited him to perform at their legendary picnic. Didn’t we start this off that Gillie is the King of Philly? Whoever is calling the shots…. Ahmir… Black Thought… James Poyser… Kamal Gray… make sure next year his invite finds a way to the MDW offices. We are sure folk would love to see him rip the set.

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