Headlined Heat: RHOA’s Yovanna Talks Eva Marcille Not Knowing Her, Possibly Getting A Peach & More

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RHOA’s Yovanna On Headline Heat

Eva Marcille may not have remembered “Yovanna from Clark” on last season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, but ever since her time on the show, folks have been checking for the RHOA associate to find out what she’s all about. Some may remember Gail Yovanna Momplasir from shows like Say Yes To The Dress and Bridezillas, but it wasn’t until her time with the peach holder of Atlanta that she received attention (and hella backlash) from social media.

Fortunately, Yovanna stopped by to clear up some of the wildest and wickedest headlines BOSSIP has written about. She even took the high road regarding some questions about frenemy Eva. Will she be joining RHOA? Was she really that b****  at Clark?

Check out the video above to see what Yovanna had to say. Catch season 12 of RHOA when it airs this November.

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