Ellen’s Halloween 2019: Cardi B Meets Cardi E & Kalen Allen Becomes Beyoncé[Video]

Cardi B And Ellen

Source: Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

Ellen’s Halloween 2019: Ellen DeGeneres Dresses As Cardi B

Ellen DeGeneres is known for going all out on Halloween and this year’s proving to be no different. The talk show host had another special Halloween edition of her show and paid tribute to none other than Cardi B.

Ellen a.k.a. Cardi E channeled her inner Cardi with a black sequined dress, blonde wig and Cardi’s signature blinged out nails. And while Ellen was asking the audience their opinion on her look, Cardi herself came out to critique.

When Ellen asked Cardi to help her twerk, Cardi offered her services and told the host that she’d gladly pay her for a danc.

“That’ll get you a couple bucks right there! I’ll buy a lap dance from you,” said Cardi.

That’s not all that happened, however, Ellen brought back YouTube food critic Kalen Allen who KILLED a performance as Beyoncé complete with Bey’s dancers Ashley and Hannah.

Watch below.

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