Train’s Never Late: White Infant Dressed In Blackface As Footballer Aldredo Morelos For Halloween


Source: splash / Splash News

Racist Blackface Baby Halloween Costume

There’s something about Halloween that really brings out the racism in white people.

Every single year we go through this same thing, but alas, here we are again.

According to DailyRecord, a photo of a white infant baby has caused significant outrage across the pond and online.

Someone thought it a good idea to dress the baby as Rangers F.C. soccer player Alfredo Morelos which on its face is fine. No pun intended. But of course, no Halloween costume is complete without a lil’ racism. Peep a pic of the bigoted baby in question below.

It comes as no surprise that the photo sparked comments like this.

One fan complained of “too many snowflakes nowadays” and said “you can’t do anything without someone being offended”.

The blackface baby pic was removed from a Rangers fans website soon after.

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