Beto O’Rourke Ends His 2020 Presidential Campaign

Just days after visiting The Breakfast Club to discuss his candidacy Beto O’Rourke has ended his run in the 2020 presidential race.

The former Texas congressman made the announcement Friday. During the campaign, O’Rourke’s poll numbers never excited the single digits. He made his announcement in a Medium post.

“Though it is difficult to accept, it is clear to me now that this campaign does not have the means to move forward successfully,” O’Rourke’s wrote. “My service to the country will not be as a candidate or as the nominee. Acknowledging this now is in the best interests of those in the campaign; it is in the best interests of this party as we seek to unify around a nominee; and it is in the best interests of the country.”

While he is bowing out of the race, O’Rourke makes it known that he will continue to remove Donald Trump from office in 2020 and thanked his supporters.

“We will work to ensure that the Democratic nominee is successful in defeating Donald Trump in 2020,” he wrote. “I can tell you firsthand from having the chance to know the candidates, we will be well served by any one of them, and I’m going to be proud to support whoever that nominee is. And proud to call them President in January 2021, because they will win.”

As customary with a candidate who exits, the remaining candidates thanked O’Rourke for his campaign trail efforts.

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