Plus-Size Swirl: Lil Wayne Allegedly Engaged To Aussie Curve Model La’Tecia Thomas

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Lil Wayne Allegedly Engaged To Aussie Plus-Size Model La’Tecia Thomas

Lil Wayne has always been one to stay out the spotlight and let the music talk for itself.

Since the release of his long-awaited project Tha Carter 5, the most we’ve seen from Weezy is last minute performance cancellations and dope content to promote his liquor brand, Bambu. As far as Wayne’s love life goes, we NEVER hear directly from him about his current boo. Occasionally, the women themselves will start to drop so many hits that social media just has to say, “We get it sis, you’re with Wayne.”

While his last fiancé Dhea Sodano kept a very low profile and rarely was seen anywhere, the woman he’s rumored to be with now is quite the opposite. Rumors are going wild that Wayne is allegedly engaged to a new lady: none other than Aussie plus-size model La’Tecia Thomas, who is thicker than a Snicker with curves in all the right places.

And if Wayne isn’t actually engaged to her, we know she has all the assets to change his mind.

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What photoshop?

A post shared by La'Tecia Thomas (@lateciat) on Aug 16, 2019 at 1:01pm PDT

Atlanta Radio station Streetz94.5 was one of the first outlets to break the news, stating:

“There have been bits of gossip swirling around concerning Weezy and La’Tecia relationship for certain months now. In any case, a couple of weeks back, she paraded an enormous ring on her hand and uncovered to fans that she’s locked in.”

Neither Wayne nor La’Tecia have confirmed that they’re engaged–or together in any capacity–but in true Wayne-lover fashion, she’s dropped more hints than a kid trying to tell you what they want for Christmas.

In her Instagram comments, she makes sure to respond to any comment about her new enormous ring.

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NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO LIVE🚨 Having a conversation with y’all about my experiences in store being a heavier woman. More than half of American woman are over a size 14. Over 21 BILLION dollars is spent on plus-size women’s apparel yearly and GROWING yet personally I find it difficult to source anything in our size in-store. We have stores like @netaporter @shopbop @macys etc that carry over 15,000 brands but only carry 2.5% plus size brands. Something isn’t adding up! Why are we being alienated considering how much we are spending each year on plus size apparel!? How do we go about change and get retailers to be more inclusive? . click the link in my bio to watch the full video, I want to know your thoughts!?

A post shared by La'Tecia Thomas (@lateciat) on Oct 24, 2019 at 12:10pm PDT

Not only that, since rumors started surfacing, she’s uploaded photos of herself in Lil Wayne merchandise multiple times,  and of course, she’s dropped a few stories in what many are saying is Lil Wayne’s house.

If these rumors are true, congrats to the happy couple! If not, Wayne better smarten up–ain’t nothing out here in these streets and La’Tecia is more than a thick waist and pretty face, she has her own coins and a career to go with it.

You can learn more about La’Tecia on her Youtube Channel, here.

More photos of La’Tecia on the flip.

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